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You can take our online spray tan courses from anywhere, at your own pace. We have courses for all budgets and Perfect Glow Sunless has helped many spray tanners start a sunless tanning business and we want to help you too! This comprehensive training covers everything new spray tanners need to know in order to start up and run their own successful business. It is also perfect for those that never had formal training. Sign up today!



Hands On Training Courses


Our hands on training gives you personalized 1 on 1 attention with top industry spray tan experts. Our class is very detailed and top rated in the industry. Choose from group & private training sessions. Basic contour technique is included on our hands on training at NO EXTRA charge unlike other companies! You will learn all about Sunless tanning, how it works and what you need to get up and running quickly. We can customize classes for spray tan artists of all levels & even travel to YOU! Learn to spray tan with Perfect Glow Sunless and become a certified spray tan artist.


Are YOU ready to start a spray tan business? 

Spray tanning is increasing in popularity and becoming one of the hottest beauty treatments that you can offer. Let us help you learn how to perform a perfect spray tan application either online or with In person training

We can help you start a new business or add it on as a new service if you are already a beauty professional.

  • Make your own hours.
  • Perform a beauty treatment that makes people feel good and a healthier option than sun bathing.
  • So something fun and lets you meet new people.
  • Low start up cost. Since spray tanning is not regulated it is the least expensive beauty service to learn! You can learn a new trade for a small fraction compared what it costs to go to cosmetology school in a quicker amount of time.
  • Most sessions can be completed in 20-30 30 minutes. You can fit more customers in an hour compared to other beauty services which increases your profit margin per hour!

Not all training are equal. Many are basic 101 and just that.  Filled with basic information to go along with their cheap price. If you are looking for the cheapest class out there then we are not for you. many past students have taken those cheap courses from other companies and then signed up with us when they didn’t learn much.

However, our prices are very reasonable and you get so much great information that is worth more than what we charge! Our Academy course is based on our Founders many years in the Sunless Industry as a spray tan expert and top Sunless brand. 

If you are serious about succeeding then you have to want to invest in yourself. Learning proper methods and best business practice will earn your initial investment back in the form of happy and repeat customers!

We have seen so many spray tan artists try to learn off of YouTube and wind up turning clients orange and never being successful . With spray tanning you only have 1 shot to make a customer happy. If you turn them orange or give a bad application they can tarnish your reputation and post on Facebook or Yelp their bad experience for all to see. Don’t let that happen to you.

 I cannot begin to express how much more confident I am after going to the Perfect Glow training with Melissa. From the moment I met her she was so welcoming and down to earth. The entire training session was informative and I learned so much. I went home more excited then ever to give my clients the best spray tans and my confidence shows. No question I had was dumb to Melissa. She took the time to listen carefully to us and explain things step by step. I wish I could go to training’s with her EVERY month. Melissa is a one of a kind, truly genuine business owner and it shows through in all she does. I am so thankful for all the knowledge I gained in Dallas and can’t wait to keep taking my business one step ahead in this industry. 
Erin Bender

Glam Glow Custom Spray Tan

I cannot say enough nice things about Melissa and the training I received through her Spray Tan Academy. I completed the online version and loved the convenience of being able to go at my own pace. Melissa’s experience is unmatched and the information she shared has made me feel one hundred times more confident with my knowledge as a brand new airbrush tanning artist. I’m so excited to be able to say that I am Perfect Glow Sunless certified!

5 star rated training from Sunless experts!

Welcome to the Perfect Glow Sunless Spray tan Academy! I am Melissa Weinberg founder of Perfect Glow Sunless™

 Congratulations on wanting to start a spray tan business or to just improve on your current skills! Our spray tan academy has different training options for you and all students get 1 on 1 personalized attention. There are many spray tan courses out there to choose from but here are some reasons as to why our Spray Tan Academy is the best choice:

Why choose the Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy?

I have been spray tanning since 2009 so I can offer you years of experience along with a corporate training background. Plus, combined our instructors bring over 20 years in the tanning industry.  It is not just about learning technique! Myself and my team have experienced years of various client scenarios that we can train you on and have formulated a strong business strategy.

Between myself and my instructors we have thousands of spray tans under our belt, know how to run a thriving income producing business and most importantly can guide you on problems that will come up!

I’ll be honest.. in this industry there are many spray tanners newer to the industry out there offering training courses. They start a business and decide to train others to make some extra money (when they are still learning things themselves!) Unlike us, they have not experienced years of business in the industry.

When you choose my academy I want you to be confident on your decision. So before you invest in a training course I always encourage you to do your research, check out the instructor (Even do a google search)  and choose a training academy & instructor with a proven portfolio.

No matter how good your technique is there will always be issues that arise beyond your control and we have been there and can best advise you on what to expect

  • Our spray tan courses are not cookie cutter and we offer more than other companies.
  • We do smaller class sizes according to your schedule to ensure you get the attention you deserve.
  • We provide you with as much information available to help get you up and running quickly with most everything that you need!
  • Stop spending countless hours trying to start a business just by asking Facebook forum questions to other newbies and start investing in YOUR success!
  • I took a side gig and turned it into a top worldwide sunless brand. (Read my featured story in Forbes )
  • Our training programs get 5 star reviews
  • Let me share my knowledge with you and save yourself so much time and headaches!
  • Do you want to get conflicting advice on social media forums& waste hours on a computer instead of making money?

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**Please note that This certification is just through Perfect Glow Sunless which is a private company. We are not accredited through or with any state, federal , government or health accredited agency. You are responsible for finding out your states requirements as to what they require for you to start up your spray tan business. 

I am currently in the process of starting my own spray tan business in Norcal and I purchased Melissa’s training right away and found it extremely informative, it has taught me so much as I go through the beginning stages of launching my business( lots of do’s and don’ts, and suggestions for marketing, from creating your logo to who to market to and how) . Both Melissa and Susan have been awesome! They are always quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. I just finished the advanced online course, and let me tell you – if you want to set yourself apart from the Sunless Tanning companies – going through Perfect Glow is the way to do it ! Understanding different skin types, and what that means with being able to use different DHA % depending on the client is HUGE. I am excited to purchase my starter kit through Perfect Glow ( including equipment )! I was so impressed with Melissa and her business sense, her knowledge surpasses all….and I have done a lot of research! I feel like I will gain so much knowledge and will be able to build my business doing it the right way ..I am going to fly myself out to Florida to work hands on with both Susan and Melissa. Definitely worth the investment ! Thank you Melissa, Susan AND Perfect Glow!!!

Andrea Arriaga Borges


Online Training Available 24/7 for you no matter where you live. Start your spray tan training today! Click on the link for course info

Atlanta, Georgia (Group hands on training) February 24 ,2018  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Dallas,Texas–  (Group hands on training) March 24 ,2018  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

San Antonio,Texas–  (Group hands on training) April 21 ,2018  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Los Angeles, California (Group hands on training) May 19 ,2018  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Wellington, Florida– Contact to schedule

Louisiana – Contact to schedule

Port Saint Lucie, Florida– Contact to schedule

Massachusetts– Contact to schedule

If you need a date that is not listed please contact us. We also arrange PRIVATE training classes according to YOUR schedule. We can also travel to YOU ! Please contact for a customized quote

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Offer your clients the best spray tan solution and aftercare on the market! Earning 5 star reviews

Perfect Glow Sunless is a rising leader in the sunless Industry. All products are custom formulations and derived from organic and natural based ingredients. The best color, non drying and infused with top quality extracts and botanicals.

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