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Start YOUR new spray tan business today or improve your exiating skills. UV free tanning is one of the hottest beauty treatments in demand. Join a billion dollar industry and learn with Perfect Glow Sunless. The best rated trainings at an affordable price.

Why Offer Spray Tanning?

   Let us help you learn how to perform a perfect spray tan application either online or with in person training.

Why offer spray tanning? 

More people are choosing UV Free tanning due to the increase in skin cancer diagnosis.

Beauty pros- Why give your clients to go to a competing salon for a spray tan? Offer the service for them and you make more revenue.

Sunless tanning is used by celebrities to get red carpet ready and is a HOT beauty treatment that is in demand.

Do something fun, make your OWN hours and meet new people.

Offer a beauty treatment that makes people feel good and a healthier option than sun bathing. UV free!

Low start up cost! Spray tanning is the least expensive beauty service to learn! You can learn a new skill in just 1 day for a small fraction compared what it costs to go to cosmetology school.

Great income potential. A spray tan can be completed in under 30 minutes. This allows you to book more customers per hour compared to other beauty services.

I cannot say enough nice things about Melissa and the training I received through her Spray Tan Academy. I completed the online version and loved the convenience of being able to go at my own pace. Melissa’s experience is unmatched and the information she shared has made me feel one hundred times more confident with my knowledge as a brand new airbrush tanning artist. I’m so excited to be able to say that I am Perfect Glow Sunless certified!


Hands On Spray Tan Classes

Are you looking for in person training? Learn about sunless education from our top handpicked instructors. Choose from a group class or a private 1 on 1 training session.

Currently ON SALE for a LIMITED time!

Online Training Courses

Take our online spray tan course at your own pace. Our online training has helped SO many spray tanners increase their business. This TOP RATED training covers many need to know topics & is also beneficial for existing spray tanners that want to improve their knowledge.

Why Choose The Perfect Glow Academy?

Do you want to learn the right way from a spray tan expert or from some new  spray tanner selling a cheap training?

We have received 5 star reviews worldwide from past students who have loved our courses

Your instructors are spray tan experts with over 20 years combined experience!

Do you like personalized attention? You get that with our in person spray tan classes to ensure you get the attention you deserve.

Our online spray tan training is more detailed than other courses on the market.

Are you looking for a wealth of information yet at an affordable price? The value you receive with any of our training is worth MUCH more than what we charge.

Not All Training Classes Are Equal

Many spray tan classes are popping up by spray tanners that are VERY new to the industry and honestly just not qualified to train others. Our difference is that our academy courses are based on our founders personal experience of MANY years in the Sunless industry as a spray tan expert and creator of a top successful worldwide Sunless beauty brand.

 Many classes offered by our competitors are very basic. We have seen many spray tan artists try to learn off of YouTube and Facebook groups & wind up turning clients orange and never being successful. With spray tanning you only have 1 shot to make a customer happy so learn from the pros.

Great Income Potential

Spray tanning has the potential to earn you great income even on a part time basis. Charges per session vary per region ranging from $30-$65+ per tan. Here is a basic estimation of the profit that you can possibly make doing airbrush tanning!

You can do spray tanning as a side business doing as little as 5 tans a week and some full time doing over 20 tans a day! You can work as much or as little as you want to control your income potential.

You can make more money doing spray tanning in less time then working direct sales, retail or many other types of side jobs. (Income figures are not guaranteed

Are You Ready To Work With Perfect Glow Sunless?

We are here to help you start or improve your business.

Melissa has been a mentor to beauty pros worldwide. She has achieved unparraled success in a competitive industry turning a part time mobile business into a top worldwide beauty brand! She has been featured in Forbes, The Knot, Huffington Post and more. She also recently auditioned for Shark Tank season 10 & 11

 I cannot begin to express how much more confident I am after going to the Perfect Glow training with Melissa. From the moment I met her she was so welcoming and down to earth. The entire training session was informative and I learned so much. I went home more excited then ever to give my clients the best spray tans and my confidence shows. No question I had was dumb to Melissa. She took the time to listen carefully to us and explain things step by step. I wish I could go to training’s with her EVERY month. Melissa is a one of a kind, truly genuine business owner and it shows through in all she does. I am so thankful for all the knowledge I gained in Dallas and can’t wait to keep taking my business one step ahead in this industry. 
Erin Bender

Glam Glow Custom Spray Tan

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