How To Start a Spray Tan Business

Start your spray tan business with Perfect Glow Sunless! Airbrush tanning is hugely increasing in popularity. With skin cancer on the rise and people being more health conscious, many are choosing spray tanning to get their glow on!

Why start a spray tan business? I want you to take a minute and imagine yourself being able to do a job that is fun, makes people feel good about themselves and making your own hours. Plus, no more bosszillas as you would be your own boss! The work is fun, income potential can be great and it is very rewarding to be in the beauty industry getting to meet so many new people! Who wouldn’t love to perform a service that makes their clients feel confident and fantastic! I have had countless clients tell me that my tans make them feel amazing and boost their self confidence. Many salons now offer a mobile service due to the need and many techs starting out choose to be a mobile service only.

You can either spray tan out of a salon or studio and choose to go mobile. That is how I started out and there are some great benefits of starting a mobile spray tan business :

  • You do not have to pay any rent or lease out a space. Retail space can range from $400 per month to over $3k + in some regions! So it is a VERY cost effective option (with the exception of fuel)
  • You can control your own hours and service times. This is great for people that want a great part time or side gig!
  • Many people are too busy to get to a salon or have children and cant hire a sitter. So coming to them is a fantastic and convenient option for them.
  • Mobile is a “luxury service” and can be priced accordingly. Depending on the region some mobile appointments start at a rate of $65 +
  • The need for mobile service is increasing. Due to busy work schedules many people just can not get into a salon at normal business hours so this is a great option for them to get their beauty treatment.
  • Many women are holding “girls night in” parties. This is very popular also even in more rural areas or smaller towns where there is not much to do.
  • Mobile spray tanning is easier for many bridal parties! Many times bridesmaids and wedding guests are traveling and there is a lack of transportation ( or they not familiar with the area). So they love mobile spray tanning so they can book someone to come to their hotel to spray everyone as a group.

How much money can you make spray tanning?

This is an average guide to get an idea. Just like anything in life you are going to get what you put into it. You wont be money bags right off the bat But the income potential for mobile spray tanning can be fantastic! AND you can make more even part time then working a side job at the mall or doing direct sales such as Scentsy or Lularoe (Plus you dont have to spend tons of money in stock)

Spray tanning is actually one of the few beauty careers that you can start with very low overhead. Plus you dont have to pay thousands of dollars to get a cosmetology license ( you are 100% responsible for finding out your state regulations before starting your business) .

*Please note that this is not even counting group sessions or bridal parties. I have made a few hundred dollars in one appointment doing group tanning or spray tan parties!

The profit margin for cost per tan is excellent! Here is an average example on your profit margin based on product alone!

I personally started out as a mobile only service. I traveled all across 3 counties 7 days a week and even in the evenings. I want to share some spray tan tips to help you all with the process and maybe touch upon some things you might have not though about when starting your mobile airbrush tanning service.

Get a business license

Regardless of what city you live in you need a license to operate any type of business. And also check with your county ordinance as well. Business licenses are very inexpensive and you must have one. I encounter many techs that do not get a business licence and frown upon this. This is not legal and you need to do things legitimate or risk getting shut down or incur fines.

What to carry your equipment in:

I went through a few different systems when starting out and kept changing it up. Here are some ideas for consideration and maybe one of them will work for you.

1) Supermarket shopping cart- ( The metal ones that fold up) This is what I started out using. I know some techs use this as well and can even get creative blinging it out. There is also a cover that can be inserted inside to keep the cart contents concealed.

2) A sewing machine case. You can put a small HVLP machine in that to conceal it and it has wheels.

3) Duffel bag with wheels or a small suitcase.

4) Cargo totes. There are so many cute ones that you can get from Thirty One gifts & I use this system now. I had mine embroidered with my company name and got additional pieces to match, such as an insulated tote that I use to carry my solution.

Track your miles

This is crucial come tax time! You want to have everything properly documented. I can not stress this enough. Keep a note pad in your car or use an app for your phone, Whatever you do is fine just do not forget to do this.


This is a very important topic that I talk about when I train or mentor new spray tanners. Many don’t even think about this but it should be your number one priority. I am not trying to scare anyone but we do live in a world today where this should be a concern & it is important to take safety measures. Especially for a female going into a strangers home or hotel room. So make sure that you take precautions when scheduling a mobile session:

Get insurance

Liability insurance. It is not very expensive and will provide piece of mind. I have heard many stories on how techs dropped solution or their machine got residue on the carpet or rug etc. So make sure you are covered, Hopefully you will never have to use it but at least you will have it.

What machine to use and get a backup

The last thing you want is to have an equipment malfunction when out on an appointment, (Especially if it is a large bridal party) Not only will you look unprofessional but can lose revenue if you can not finish the session. Could you imaging tanning someone and in the middle the gun breaks or the machine overheats and turns off? That would not be good, so I always have a backup machine in the car and carry a backup gun. You can not plan a problem and this way you will always be prepared.

Also not taken into account is the extra income you will make on selling retail aftercare to your client!

Let Perfect Glow Sunless help YOU start your spray tan business with one of our affordable and 5 star rated training classes. Dont risk turning clients orange by learning off of YouTube.

Invest in YOUR success and learn from my top pros.

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If you are just starting out starting your mobile spray tan business this is a very exciting time for you and wish you all the best of luck in this amazing industry! Happy tanning…Xo Melissa

Melissa Weinberg is the founder of Perfect Glow Sunless™ a luxury brand of top rated Spray tan solutions and Sunless products. She is also a top spray tan educator in the beauty industry. Her Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy™ offers various online and hands on spray tan training courses and spray tan consulting. Her entrepreneurial journey has been featured in Money Magazine, The Huffington Post and other media publications. For more information on her products and the Spray Tan academy please visit