5 stars all the way. You are the most passionate, honest, and the sweetest. Thank you Melissa Weinberg for everything you have done for me and my daughter. We have a great product and team of specialist to work with. I am so glad I choose you to give me the knowledge, confidence, and education on perfect glow. Looking forward to working with all y’all in the near future.
thank you Carleena Bertram
Carleena Bertram

Spray tanning has the potential to earn you great income even on a part time basis. Charges per session vary per region ranging from $30-$65+ per tan. Here is a basic estimation of the great earnings that you can possibly make doing airbrush tanning!  (Please note that this is not including your operating costs)

Some people do spray tanning as a side business doing as little as 5 tans a week and some full time doing over 20 tans a day! You can work as much or as little as you want to control your income.

You can make more money doing spray tanning in less time then working direct sales, retail or many other types of side jobs. Contact us for more information



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