I attended the Orlando hands-on training today and it was time very well spent! I am an absolute beginner in spray tanning and yet I left the session full of confidence and very comfortable that I am well trained. Every question was answered, the take home materials are excellent and complete, and Melissa goes out of her way to ensure that each student feels she has had adequate time “behind the gun” actually spraying models. I feel ready to start practicing and I am certain that as questions come up in my practice that Melissa will be there ready, willing, and extremely knowledgeable to help me out in any way she can. My advice is don’t delay — if you are thinking about doing the hands-on training just do it. You will be so glad you did!


I took the training in Dallas,TX this weekend! If you’re new to spray tanning or even the most experienced, I truly recommend this class. I have been spray tanning for a while now but after reading the reviews, the PG training came highly recommended! It was by far the best training I’ve done in a group environment! Melissa touched on all things spray tan from general knowledge to product use and even did TWO demos, one including contouring! Melissa & Dave made the training so much fun & enjoyable! I also appreciated that they didn’t try to make you feel like you HAD to buy the products. They even said that even if you don’t use PG that they will still be a point of contact for the sunless users taking the training! Thank you again Melissa & Dave!


Where do I start? Not only was this class a lot of fun – it was very educational and will definitely get me where I plan on being in a year or two financially and mentally. Melissa was super informative and knows her stuff. And being successful herself is so willing to help and explain things. Most courses I’ve looked into and one I even took was nothing compared to this. I recommend Perfect Glow classes to anyone anywhere. And the product is flawless. I’m picky so trust me – overall this is the place to learn and succeed ! Thank you Melissa !!!


This was an amazing experience that me and Carleesa Bertram has completed. We traveled to New Orleans for a hands on training & our instructors was so well trained and amazing with open arms and that made me feel so comfortable and trustworthy. I highly recommend these ladies, Melissa Weinberg Rachel Plescia Jenkins & Lisa Rua Tobiason for taking time to give us the training and knowledge that we need to open up a sunless spay tan business to our town.

Carleena Bertram

Mind Blown! Thank you Susan for teaching me how to perfect my Perfect Glow! The hands on training is unmatched and i am now filled with much needed spray tanning knowledge. 5 Stars in every way.


Attended the Perfect Glow Academy in Atlanta and learned so much. Believe me it is well worth your time and money. Lessons learned on both the Business side and so much knowledge on the actual spraying side. Thank you again for the opportunity and access to get to attend your class . Thank you again!!!

Lisa Davis

Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy was amazing and so worth the investment!! As a mom of 2 little ones, it was so easy to take the courses all online at my own pace. And as a current freelance makeup artist and photographer, this was a great addition to my services to my clients. Melissa was so quick to answer emails and I am super excited to get spraying with her amazing products!! If you are wanting to properly learn how to spray tan and truly understand the many components of it, then you should take this course!! Thank you Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy and I am so excited to get my clients glowing!!


I have owned and operated my spray tanning business for four years now and am constantly looking for ways to stay educated. When I found out Melissa offered an online training course I immediately signed up. Melissa covers client prep, skin typing, a video tutorial and so much more. Best of all Melissa offers a 30 minute follow up phone call to go over any questions you might have. I found the follow up to be incredibly helpful as Melissa has so much advice and incite to offer. I would highly recommend this course it is worth every penny!

Shelley Bakke Liquid Sunshine airbrush tanning

I just finished my training with Perfect Glow and was very impressed by the breadth and depth of information we covered in the training- they went over so many aspects of the business and the process, and we had a lot of hands-on time. I came away from the training energized, but also feeling supported by Susan and Lindsey. Excellent investment. So glad I did it!


I started spray tanning almost 4 years ago. I love learning new things regarding spray tanning so I enrolled in this course as it was all online and self-paced. It was the perfect refresher and confidence booster that I needed. I even changed my entire spray pattern technique and like it a lot better and I’m receiving more compliments from clients. It was the perfect refresher with a lot of detailed information. Highly recommend!


AMAZING !!! I have taken 2 other spray tanning courses. One online and another one hands on. Let me tell you they did not compare to Melissa’s Perfect Glow Training course. I addressed my concerns with her and let her know I really wanted to focus on the hands on part more then the book part. She was able to help me figure out what I had currently been doing wrong which was i wasn’t moving my gun fast enough. I just did my first spray tan party since my training and I felt so so confident. I had her in the back of my mind the whole time. 1,2,3,4 …. take the class and you will understand what this means lol. Btw her solutions are beautiful. If I wasn’t all the way in Canada I would be buying them in a heart beat <3 I will be the first to buy when she has a distributor over here ! Also side note the booklet you get to take home is full of great tips and education. Thanks again Melissa !!!!! Ps I watch every snap, Insta and Facebook post you make!!! Keep them coming!!


I just had my phone conversation after I completed the online course with Susan and it went great! She was so very helpful and answered all ( I had lots of them) of my questions. I feel so much better and feel a lot more confident! We talked about everything from spray guns, techniques, clients, bridal parties, waivers, social media, your book, etc., etc. I definitely will be getting your book in the near future.
Susan is so sweet, knowledgeable and patient. I really like her.
Thank you both so much!

Victoria A

I recently attended the Perfect Glow training in Los Angeles. I can’t say enough how happy I am that I chose Melissa and Perfect Glow for my training needs. Not only did I get to learn to spray from amazing instructors, but the product is awesome and Melissa’s business advice was more than I could have hoped for. I feel excited and confident moving forward with my business and continue to receive follow up and support from Melissa and Rachel. Even more, Melissa has done an excellent job of creating a network of professionals that are always there to share ideas or questions so when you take the training you become part of a larger Perfect Glow family. The continuing education never ends! This experience has definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Melissa!!!

Karen F

Hello Melissa, It was a pleasure taking your online course. I learned so much from your online course & to be a spray tanning technician and I really appreciate how you reached out to me. And loved that we had a one-on-one conversation and you answer all the questions I need to know about spray tanning. Thanks, Carolyn Daniels

Carolyn Daniels

Melissa has been a mentor and professional role model to me through personalized attention whenever I needed help. Her advice has increased my knowledge of spray tanning best practices and understanding solutions. When trouble shooting with me, I have learned that it is usually not me who makes a mistake but the client by not following my detailed pre/post instructions. Melissa is an inspiration motivating me to be my best self!

Wendy Stebbins Maui Elegant Tan

I completed the online course in one day. It was so awesome! I have learned so much over the past two weeks. I love that I can continue to go back through all that I have learned. Every time I go back I continue to learn more. I have had a few questions along the way. Melissa has been so great at getting back to me quickly! She even personally called me. I was so impressed! This course was exactly what needed to get a great start to my new spray tanning business!

Shadi Smith

Quarantine for the win! I do hair full time and have always been interested in sunless tanning and ended up using my free time for some new education! Going into this course I was pretty uneducated, the most I knew was “don’t use those booths at the tanning beds and make sure someone actually tans you!” I was so pleased with the amount of education I received, I was debating on if I’d do better with a hands on class but Melissa and her team made my online experience not only fun and easy to follow but also personal! They are with you every step of the way and beyond! This company could easily be just another over staffed company with long company emails and unexpected cost left and right but they are everything but, they are close and they are family! And im so excited to be apart of the perfect glow family now and can not wait to see where I go from here!

Lace G

I cannot say enough nice things about Melissa and the training I received through her Spray Tan Academy. I completed the online version and loved the convenience of being able to go at my own pace. Melissa’s experience is unmatched and the information she shared has made me feel one hundred times more confident with my knowledge as a brand new airbrush tanning artist. I’m so excited to be able to say that I am Perfect Glow Sunless certified!


I couldn’t be happier with the hands on experience Perfect Glow Sunless offered me. Not only was the class informative but it was also a pleasure to spend time with Susan, such a positive and business minded individual. They have been supportive and helpful throughout the entire process of my mobile spray tan start-up. I recommend this class and product to anyone in the sunless business…. the product speaks for itself!

Kimber Glow Bar of Jupiter

I recently took Melissa’s online training course. Online is better for me because I rarely travel and I have a part-time day job as well. I found it to be very informative, easy to understand and follow. I could go at my own pace which was great since my schedule is so tight. So much great information that can only come from experience. If you have yet to take a training course or even if you are already trained, I highly recommend this one. Her Marketing course is awesome as well, both are full of information and tips that you can use to better your spray tan business!

Sandra Talbert San-Tans Spray Tanning

Perfect glow spray tan academy is worth every single penny!! I learned SO much today at the grapevine, Texas academy session. Melissa answered questions that I wouldn’t have even known to ask. She literally covered every aspect of what you need to know for spray tanning and for starting your own business! I took so many notes, I feel like I have a notebook full of trade secrets now. I honestly don’t know how people do this business without hands on informative training like perfect glow spray tan academy. She did a step by step spray tan demo where she walks you through it slowly and explains literally every single step, which was so helpful for me as someone who needs it broken down like that! She let all of us ask as many questions as needed and took time to explain everything thoroughly. Everyone had an opportunity to get a feel for the spray machine. I’m so glad I did this! Thanks so much Melissa and Dave!!


First I want to thank Melissa for being such an amazing mentor. She has taught me so much about the Sunless tanning industry, such as the science behind it, the business end, handling clients & how to troubleshoot tan issues with confidence etc.. She is very prompt with returning messages when I have questions. My business has improved tremendously since having her as my mentor! I would definitely recommend all spray tan technicians use her services if they want to learn every end of this business! She is such an inspiration and I will continue to use her as my sunless tanning mentor. I am going to add one more thing, she has also made me realize how important it is for women to support other women in business. Her Facebook group has also increased my sunless tanning network and I have made friends through the group. I 100% recommend her for training and mentoring

Jamie Sharpe Spray tans by Jamie

I recently attended the academy in Los Angeles. I had a great time, Melissa and Rachel shared all their knowledge, tips and tricks to achieve success in this business. The hands on was great and the best is that they give you a lifetime support. I can always count on them if I have any question. On top of that, Perfect Glow sunless is a great product. That’s all I’ve been using. Thanks girls!

Lis Schulz

Thank you so much for giving of your time & talents in NOLA this weekend! I truly enjoyed the one-on-one training and guidance, and I can’t wait to expand my salon with airbrush tanning!! You, Lisa Rua Tobiason & Rachel Plescia Jenkins were all amazing teachers and I’m blessed to have been given the opportunity to learn from you all!!


I recently took a training class. I was very impressed by the information that was taught and training that was given. It has given me the confidence to branch out into starting my own business. I’ve tried various self tanners, spray tan machines and of course UV machines….Perfect Glow solutions provided the most beautiful color I’ve seen from a bottle ? I’m sold! Susan and Melissa were amazing, welcoming, professional and very helpful.


Let me say as a up and coming spray tan artist that i wanted to be as much informed and knowledgeable with the best techniques for my business and clients. I definitely did my research and I’m so excited i came across Perfect Glow Sunless and their online course. It was all that i needed and then some. Things that i didn’t even consider and so glad she covered. Problems you might run across, different skin types, tips from her past experiences. Plus much more! I definitely felt more assured and comfortable after completing the course. The added confidence i gained knowing i could run my business and give the best spray tans with her premium solutions was money well spent. I definitely recommend and enjoy all the insight and help from her Facebook group also. Thanks again Melissa.

Tanya Rivas Lustrous Tans

I cannot begin to express how much more confident I am after going to the Perfect Glow training with Melissa. From the moment I met her she was so welcoming and down to earth. The entire training session was informative and I learned so much. I went home more excited then ever to give my clients the best spray tans and my confidence shows. No question I had was dumb to Melissa. She took the time to listen carefully to us and explain things step by step. I wish I could go to training’s with her EVERY month. Melissa is a one of a kind, truly genuine business owner and it shows through in all she does. I am so thankful for all the knowledge I gained in Dallas and can’t wait to keep taking my business one step ahead in this industry.

Erin Bender Glam Glow Custom Spray Tan

I couldn’t have had better training! I am beyond happy, thank you! Melissa was amazing!! She is such a great teacher that really goes through everything from the questions to ask, knowing different skin types, client prep, the different levels of tans to achieve, and amazing spray techniques! And besides ALL that she’s so welcoming and friendly and really wants you to feel comfortable and prepare you to be the best at providing your guests with a beautiful tan. Her products are amazing, love, love, love….so natural! Everyone I sprayed was so happy. I feel so confident now. Thank you Melissa

Linda Kovalick

If you are looking to gain hands on experience and start your own business, look no further. When I started my business I took a training and business course from another well-known company and really got the short end of the stick. I wasted nearly one thousand dollars on the course and crappy equipment. I went to Melissa to gain insight into why my business wasn’t taking off. She spent hours with me combing through my entire business with a fine tooth comb. I also went to her for hands on training and wow! what a difference from my first “training.” Since working with Melissa, my business has picked up and I am getting more return customers. Melissa cares about you, your business, and your success. She IS the spray tanning guru. Seriously, don’t look any further, just contact her now. SHE IS AWESOME!


I’ve been a huge fan of Perfect Glow products and the owner Melissa Weinberg for over 3 years now and I will never use anything else! Not only are her products the best on the market but her customer service and support are second to none! She has formulated her entire line to meet the needs of every single type of skin color and occasion. No other line has that. Not only that, but the longevity and true color formulation of her solutions are amazing! There is absolutely no orange in any of her solutions and no obnoxious odor. I recently attended her Elite Certification and wow! wow! WOW! I learned so much in a few hours that has taken my spray tanning game up 10 notches. I was so impressed by the size of her Spray Tanning manual…it’s a good sized manual FULL of information, tips, tricks and techniques that you will be referring to in the future. Do yourself a favor and attend her class, you will learn so much (even if you’ve been spraying for a long time, I promise you will learn at least 10 new things!) Melissa: THANK YOU so much for providing us with such a wonderful product line, training and endless support to help us succeed in our business! You deserve more than 5 stars!! #teamperfectglowsunlessforlife

Adelina R

Please extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to the founder of the Perfect Glow course Melissa Weinberg! I loved your airbrush tanning course very much! It was not only the best one I could find searching through the internet, but I was so impressed with EVERY detail both big and small that your course provided to me as a newbie to this awesome industry! It was very informative, and fun at the same time but also offered much more that other airbrush tanning courses I researched before making my decision. I can’t wait to start my business up within the month and will keep you posted as to how it all turns out! Thank you so very much again for your amazing educational tutorial on the world of airbrush tanning! I feel Melissa did an outstanding job presenting the information in a way that was easy to understand too! Thank you so much again!


I recently attended the training class in Atlanta and omgosh it was AMAZING!! Melissa was awesome and gave so much information ! The hands on training was phenomenal and helped give me the confidence to proceed with spray tanning! Highly recommend for sure! What an awesome experience!


This course has absolutely changed my life. I took it online as I really didn’t have time to do it in person, and my airbrush business has absolutely taken off. I am 3 weeks in and I am booking session after session. I feel so good about this career path and am GENUINELY happy! Melissa’s course and solution has given me a brand new passion and I HIGHLY recommend taking her course above any others. She will teach you professional tips and tricks that other courses won’t. Thank you so much Perfect Glow Sunless!


I recently completed my Spray Tan Academy training program at Perfect Glow Sunless and could not be more excited to start this new adventure, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the continuous guidance from Melissa Weinberg. When I first reached out about the program, I immediately received and an enthusiastic reply. Melissa has been nothing short of the perfect coach — always available and informative. She arranged for my partner and I to train with her instructor Lisa in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Lisa guided us through Melissa’s well-thought out training manual full of usual information. Lisa was so helpful in adding her own personal experiences, business insights and tips. I feel confident going into the spray tanning business knowing that I will always have Melissa and Lisa to turn for guidance as well the support of fellow tanning technicians on the Perfect Glow Group on Facebook. I highly recommend the Spray Tan Academy training program at Perfect Glow Sunless to anyone interested in starting a spray tanning business.

Michelle Rivera

I traveled from Columbus, OH to train with Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy. After months and months of research I fell upon Melissa’s training website and immediately knew this was the going to be the place to set me up for my future endeavors within the spray tan industry. Melissa and Susan are extremely knowledgeable on the ins and outs of this business. When I arrived they both had everything set up for me with a training manual, supplied me with knowledge on skin types, spray tan solutions, how to prepare my clients, spray tan techniques, had models ready for me to practice on, and so much more. I am looking forward to getting my equipment and solutions so I can start practicing on friends & family. I highly recommend Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy the education, support, & confidence after the course will certainly set you up for success!


I just wanted to let everyone know how blown away I was with the PG training I attended in Madisonville, LA this past weekend. Rachel did an excellent job conducting the training. She kept the atmosphere so comfortable and we were able to discuss topics as a group. We actually went over with time, but I didn’t even realize it bc it was such a good time! The training manual is super informative and detailed. It is the Spray Tan Artist Bible! It itself is worth every penny to have and to refer back to on certain situations. Such as skin diseases, color base guides, questions to ask when trouble shooting tanning problems, having insurance, etc. The hands on training was super cool. Everyone got their own model to spray and Rachel was right there to guide us if needed. (The manual also has great visuals for spray tan patterns.) I will add that I have been spraying since 2012 and there were some new things I learned in this training. Not only is it great for beginners, but for seasoned spray tanners too! I highly recommend all spray tan artist to invest in this training. I’m so glad I was finally able to do this!


So excited to receive my training certificate! Coming into this adventure I knew I didn’t wanted to half @s$ anything. I wanted the best products and the best training in order to provide my clients with the best tans possible! Thankfully I had a great cheerleader and mentor (shout out to @million_dollar_tan_by_bree) and found a wonderful company to work with and learn from @perfectglowtanning, ran by a women who has tons of experience in this industry, and is much more than just a “solution company”! I’m so looking forward to seeing where this adventure leads.

Stephanie List Golden Rule Tan

I loved going through this certification. It was very easy to understand and the information was very thorough!


Yesterday I attended the Perfect Glow academy airbrush training class in New Orleans. Ever since I completed it, I have been thinking how I could express on how great this class was since there are so many things to say. Melissa, Rachel Plescia Jenkins and Lisa Rua Tobiason were great. They made sure we were fully informed on all aspects of the business, the different skin tones and the hands on training was more than I expected. Not only was the training amazing so where they. They are so kind and make you feel so comfortable. I highly recommend this training to everyone looking for best training! Perfect glow thank you again for a great training. I am so excited to start!!!

Deana Byers

I had the honor of a very informative spray tanning class with Susan Brand from Perfect Glow Sunless. She went over everything with me & I learned a lot with her that night. She taught me how to correctly spray my clients. I am very thankful that I got to take the class with her. Thank you for all your help and Susan and I love the solution!


Melissa’s training was so SO helpful. I have been a Spray Tan Artist for almost 3 years and not that I didn’t already have the knowledge, there is ALWAYS more to learn. Her training was incredibly helpful, specific, extremely detailed and covered any questions you may have. I was still able to learn more information beyond what I already knew. I have been using Perfect Glow Solutions for a while now and my business seriously wouldn’t be where it is without PG!! I truly, truly mean that. Once I became familiar with her solutions and started using them on every client my business sky rocketed. I am so confident in myself using her solutions and having the knowledge by taking her course. I 10/10 recommend taking the course and using PG solutions for your ‘go to’ solution. I don’t where I would be without Perfect Glow in my life!!! Thank you to the whole PG team for being so helpful and quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have!

Allie H

I recently attended the hands on class in NY and learned the proper way to spray tan. I also love the Perfect Glow Spray tan Academy group. It is so helpful as the education does not end in class it continues and that is very helpful. Thank you for everything.


I took the Perfect Glow training in Atlanta and was very happy with the hands on training. Melissa brought in an extra trainer because of the “big class” of 11 people. I received a free tan and the sweetest little goodie bag. The theory and workbook are top notch. All of my questions were answered and I feel confident they will be there for me as I add this service to my esthetics menu. I also love that I am supporting a small and woman owned business!


I just finished the certification and received my equipment…so excited! Just started practicing and so far l love the color…I’ve only used the Rapid 50/50 and it looks awesome! Not orange and very natural looking….also Melissa is a great help she always gets back to you right away! So glad I chose Perfect Glow Sunless!

Kim Luffman

Hey there Melissa…Just wanted to thank you for the awesome certification training you provided a few weeks ago. The thing that so impressed me was you tailored the training to my particular concerns. It was also an added bonus to be able to practice on so many different models. Thanks for being so patient with all of my questions both during the session and after. Your training has definitely given me the confidence to move forward with my new business!

Jennifer Lampton Luxe Airbrush Tanning

This past weekend in Atlanta I attended training with Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy. I have never received or given a spray tan and didn’t know much about the business (even though I am an Esthetician)…but I now feel confident even tho I’m a bit nervous, but I feel as educated as I can be until I get the gun in my hand and start spraying!


Hi Melissa, It was such a pleasure speaking with you today!! I greatly appreciate all your advice and tips! Your online course was extremely detailed and covered many in depth topics that I know will help me succeed as a mobile spray tan technician. I was very impressed with your online course and highly recommend it to anyone starting a spray tanning business! I’m very happy I came across your training program as it was very beneficial for me and my business!!!! To top it off, the 30 min phone consultation was everything I hoped for. It was a pleasure speaking with someone as successful and knowledgeable as you are. Thank you for taking the time to answer all of my many questions! You seem to really care a lot about your clients!! I can’t wait to try your products out!

Monique Moskowitz

I literally felt like this women wrote this training for me personally. Like she was inside my head and knew all the questions I had. She was so detailed and personal. She shared her rookie mistakes and so much knowledge. I truly feel this course will help me take my business to the next MANY levels. Thanks Melissa for all the time, love, sweat and tears you’ve put into your craft and then in return sharing it all with me to help me with mine!!! Bunches of love from Texas!!!! – Keri Elliot


I just started airbrush spray tanning a few a weeks ago and I wanted some type of training before I started. I researched online for about a week before I found Perfect Glow! I am so thankful I did!! I read a lot of the reviews, looked over the website and the training courses and I knew I had hit the jackpot! I took the advanced online training course. I learned more than I could have imagined from an online course. The course is full of valuable information from different skin types, skin conditions, DHA %’s and how to use them, do’s & don’ts, and I could go on and on!! I now have the confidence I need to pursue my tanning career. It exceeded my expectations! I also purchased Melissa’s Ready Set Glow ebook. I love it! Tells you everything you need to know to get your business going or improve the business you have now. I have read it twice now and still go back to it on a regular basis. Melissa and Susan are wonderful women who truly care about you. I consider them both professional mentors. They are always quick to respond to my emails and phone calls and are very patient when I have lots of questions. Perfect Glow in my opinion is set above and beyond the rest. Thank You!


I traveled from my hometown of Atlanta to Melissa’s studio to complete my 4 hour training course. I had some hands on training courses from some other big name companies in the tanning industry but NOTHING can compare to the training that I received from Melissa. I got to spray tan 4 models and Melissa emailed me the pictures for me to use in my website. She also gave me a nice extensive manual that covered everything you can think of, from client forms to insurance and troubleshooting. I refer to that info a lot now. I am also excited to be offering her custom solution to my clients. I am already getting clients and making money. I owe it all to Melissa! Perfect Glow = perfect training.

Emily McElhaney

I’ve been meaning to write this review for awhile now. I just have to say after spending a weekend at the Perfect Glow Academy watching, listening and participating with Melissa and supporting cast, it was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had! I’ve been to other so called spray tanning classes and Perfect Glow blows all the other competition away! The other place just wanted to get your money, hand you your certificate, spent literally five minutes with you spraying one individual, then you were on your own! Perfect Glow Academy spent two days explaining everything about the spray tan business following a full day of hands on experience, definitely preparing you for your new career! Whether you are a seasoned spray tan artist or just starting out, I highly recommend the Perfect Glow Academy!


Melissa is a true professional. She teaches you everything you need to know to ensure the perfect outcome for your spray tans. Think you can watch a YouTube video and learn how to spray tan…think again. Perfect Glow Sunless offers amazing products and instructions for those interested in promoting safe sun!

Jayme Cecil

Melissa and her team are absolutely fantastic. They are very friendly and handle themselves with upmost professionalism. I loved the course and product knowledge. It was very helpful. My favorite part was the demo and being able to watch different techniques up front and center. I was able to spray a model and get critiqued which was awesome because I personally love feedback. I learned new things like heated tan and contour that I didn’t know at all prior and I’m really excited to practice those specifically to be able to offer as a service! I definitely recommend this training!

Mariana Endless Glow by Lola

Perfect Glow Sunless group training was phenomenal! We covered a vast array of topics and troubleshooted through problems that could arise in the business. Melissa, Dave, and Rachel were so knowledgeable and informative. They were throughout and patient in answering all of the students questions. We not only learned how to spray tan but also how to pick the appropriate color for each client based on skin types and conditions. Students leave Learn to Spray Tan training feeling excited, knowledgeable, and prepared to start a spray tan business of their own!


I recently took the Perfect Glow online training and I am SO happy that I chose Melissa and Perfect Glow for my training! For an online course it was super thorough and well planned out. The instructional video was amazing and gave me great confidence to start spray tanning my future clients! I heard and read nothing but amazing reviews on Melissa’s products as well. I am so excited to use mine! I feel confident and excited to start my spray tanning business. I would also like to recognize Melissa’s support team. They respond back with any questions in a very timely manner and are always very helpful!

Overall it has been a great experience! Thank you, Melissa and team!!!

Samantha Todd

Melissa, I just want to personally and professionally give you shout out for all you do “and then some”. I’ve been a loyal customer for years and will be with you to the end. You were the ONLY one that would help me when I first started my business. No other spray tan company would offer experience and wisdom. Because of you, I got started on building my dream. Fast forward 4 years….I’ve been able to share your dream ….. the BEST solutions to the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders, Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders (and Super Bowl), several college dance teams, thousands of private clients, 3 new locations and our new Miss America contestant, Miss Virginia, and more on the way!! Thank you for being more than a distributor….you are a top notch business mentor as well as a great coach (sharing marketing material and knowledge). You are the BEST for supporting my dream and sticking with my company for the past several years and a lot more to come!!

Michelle Walters Island Glow

I Went to the class in Atlanta last weekend! and I have to say they are all so awesome! Very informative! Not only then but even after the class is over they answer you immediately! So thankful for them and I look forward to growing my business with them! Thank you! I feel like i am a part of their family now! you guys rock!

Kimberly Campbell

I recently began this overwhelming journey of deciding to open a spray tan business. After countless nights of reading about every option of solution out there and knowing I was open to just about anything except the “Normal Norvell” I just kept coming back to Perfect Glow and how their colors looked so much more natural. AND then to be able to actually communicate with the owner??!! Thats unheard of!!! Of course I wanted to train with the same company that I purchased product from but thought there is no way I could get to Florida. After Melissa and Susan found out my location they offer up Louisville, KY as an option, with that being a drivable location I was beyond excited. The entire day was such a great learning experience. Jayme is an absolute wonderful instructor. There were members of the class that had been spraying for a couple years and then members like me that had barely even held a spray gun. Jayme made everyone feel comfortable and filled the day with so much information and of course a few laughs. We were able to spray models with Jayme talking us through it and she even helped me get my own system that I brought set up exactly like it should be. I walked out at the end of the day thinking I can do this!! I can not say enough great things about this class, the products, the ownership and every one I have come in contact with since I got involved with Perfect Glow.

Tina Gibbs

It was such a great learning experience! I enjoyed every minute and the day flew by with so much knowledge and hands on experience. For just starting out in the mobile spray tan industry, I feel confident and so much more knowledgeable by taking this class vs. researching and studying on my own. “A MUST DO!” Thanks Melissa and Rachel!


Melissa’s online course was wonderful! Very informative and brought everything together for me. I am a more confident spray tan professional with Melissa’s guidance!

Thanks again!

Elizabeth Barnett
Let me start by thanking you for providing such a awesome online course. It was so much more than I expected!! If the truth be told, the day I signed up for the course, I had came across another well known spray tan academy and they had a special running for 67$ and Due to Covid19 my business was shut down and money was tight so I signed up right away! I was so happy!! I thought I hit the jackpot and opened my email immediately so I could start my course! It literally took me less than 10 min to read through the course and there was nothing I didn’t already know myself and I was upset! I didn’t have 67$ to throw away!! Now more than ever I wanted to try Perfect Glows academy but now I’m short money…So I emailed the course director and told them how disappointed I was and I asked for a refund which It clearly stated, no refunds. I got lucky that day and my money was refunded and I immediately corrected my first mistake and signed up for your course!! For anyone out there on the fence about this course, take my word and dont make my same mistake (because I shouldn’t of got a refund on other course) I made. This course was perfect and covered everything and then some!!! Not only did I learn so much ,but gained such an amazing support system and spray tan family! #teamperfectglow!!!! Thanks again!!
Rebecca Matthews

I’m so pleased with the online spray tan course. I learned so much that google and YouTube could not teach someone. I love that everything I need to know is easily accessible through different chapters and easy to find. Thank you so much perfect glow for my certification. I feel confident knowing I took my time and learned from the best!!

Glow & Go

Perfect Glow sunless Academy has helped me gain knowledge in the spray tanning industry!! I couldn’t find all the answers on YouTube and I didn’t know if I was getting the correct information..I bought Melissa’s online Academy, it has made me feel very confident in starting my business! I’ve learned lots of tips and tricks, they also have a cool Facebook group to ask all the questions you need. I’m so happy that I am Perfect Glow Sunless certified!!


This course was so simple to follow. Full of valuable information. I loved how much detail was put into the training. No steps were missed. I’m so excited to add this service to my salon. Thanks so much to Melissa and Perfect Glow for helping me achieve this goal. I highly recommend this course. And Melissa is so helpful when you need her. Excellent customer service.

Jessica Corbiel

Melissa is awesome! I took her online training course after finding Perfect Glow Sunless online and, I am SO glad I did! Her class was super informative, easy to follow & easy to understand. I can not say enough wonderful things about Melissa, her solution, her class, her support, everything!!! She is the best!!

Amanda-FlaminGLO! On the Go Airbrush Tan Boutique

If you are thinking of taking the class, book it and do it! I would not have thought of spraying someone without doing a hands on class! Melissa is full of knowledge, has a wonderful product and is the sweetest thing ever! You will learn, have fun and also meet Rachel Plescia Jenkins if in that area that she can attend. Between the both of them it is well worth the money! I went ahead and took home a tent (Southwest just put a luggage tag on it and we checked it like luggage) My boyfriend attended with me and was a model as well. I bought a machine while there and we just took it out of the cardboard box and put it in a couple of hotel laundry bags and carried it on. I even took home some solution wrapped in tissue paper in my luggage! I ordered Prep spray, and two other solutions and they arrived on Wednesday, so I popped the tent up, and between hair nets, gloves and baby wipes was able to start practicing on family members! They love this and what a time to practice (still cold in St Louis, MO) so if there are any errors, we are still wearing long sleeves and pants–LOL!!! Although, I must admit and so do they, it looks great! I have more sisters coming over later this week, I still need to find the correct packing/carrying cases for my items and business license and finalize a name and more practice of course! But it is really nice to have a big family of 20 to practice with! Take this class for sure!! I had never done this in my life before Atlanta!!

Sharon C

This came and is a big accomplishment. Thank you Melissa for your amazing education. If you haven’t had the opportunity to take the Perfect Glow Sunless training, I highly recommend it. Not only will you gain the education you need for sunless tans, but you will gain confidence in your work.

Brady Rimes

If you are looking for a spray tanning course Perfect Glow is the class to take no questions about it. I took the online class, I was able to take it at my own pace. It is very informative and they take you step by step on how to spray tan with pictures for each part of the body. Melissa and her staff are very helpful and want you to succeed. They sent several follow up emails And even a phone call to make sure all your questions were answered. I definitely recommend perfect glow and wouldn’t go anywhere else! -Deanna


As a professional makeup artist I had been desperately wanting to learn airbrush tanning as an add on for clients but didn’t want to spend a fortune for a great education. Once I came across the Perfect Glow online course I was stoked and signed up right away. It covered everything I needed from product knowledge, the methods of tanning as well as information for starting your own tanning business. Not only did I learn a ton but it comes with a certificate of completion and I love the entire product line on top of it! Very happy I found this and would recommend it to anyone wanting to start.

Jackie R

I have just completed my perfect Glow Sunless online training and I was extremely impressed from start to finish! The course was very informative and well organized. I am from a small town that doesn’t offer any hands on tanning training so Melissa’s online training services saved me!!! Seriously teaches you everything you need to know about starting up your own tanning business and the tanning procedure! I would highly recommend this online training course! Thanks Melissa!”


After attending the workshop in Orlando I felt excited and prepared to begin my spray tanning business. These woman go above and beyond to give you all the tools and information you need to succeed, including the hands on training, and it doesn’t stop there, they are available beyond the workshops to assist you and answer questions. I feel lucky to be apart of a great group of woman!


I am so impressed with Melissa and her team after attending the business building workshop! Ever since adding Perfect Glow to my arsenal, business has tripled. I must confess it was Melissa and her work ethic that initially attracted me to her product. Melissa and her team are always available and helpful any time you need them. I loved the fact that Melissa is so approachable and involved every step of the way with her business. Perfect Glow was the perfect addition to my business for so many reasons. Affordability: although her product is top notch, her prices worked well with my price point. Packaging: I absolutely love her branding and colors. The retail line is gorgeous, great product and price point as well. Melissa provides gorgeous marketing materials free of cost. Quality and Versatility: I have sampled many solutions and none of them come close to Perfect Glow. Quick drying, odorless, high quality bronzers and DHA with none of the bad stuff in it. Endless options for color mixing with basic and rapid and undertones which was really important to me. Work Ethic and Accountability: Melissa leads by example and stands behind her brand and everything she does. I love supporting another woman not backed by a huge corporation with politics and agendas. The work shop is unique to our industry for many reasons. As a veteran spray tan artist I have done enough introductory training classes. As I have grown in this industry I transitioned from a spray tan artist to a spray tan salon owner with employees. Melissa taught us about the business and marketing side of the business which I feel has been overlooked in previous classes I attended. Attendees were provided with head shots for branding which is so important. I walked away with the confidence I needed to run a business vs just being a spray tan artist. Thank you so much Melissa for all that you have done for us, your support means the world to me. I look forward to next year!

Lola Endless Glow By Lola

Melissa’s spray tanning certification class was awesome! It taught me everything I needed know. Her & Susan were very hands on and answered all my questions. Even after my class was over they made sure we kept in touch, just in case I had any questions in the future. It was an overall wonderful experience! Thank you so much

Kelsey Spector

I have spent so much money on training over the past year. I was hesitant to purchase another for fear it would just cover the basics like so many others. The Perfect Glow training was wonderful! It answered all of my questions and made me feel so much more comfortable in switching solutions. My only regret is that I did not discover it sooner. The best part was, I got to have a 30 minute follow up phone call with Melissa afterwards. Best training and customer service in the sunless industry!

Kelly Lawrence

Melissa is a wonderful mentor and someone I highly look up to. She is very kind and patient with helping you learn and better yourself in the sunless tanning industry. She motivates and encourages you to be better and shares her best advice and knowledge to help you be the best you can be. She is the sweetest as well which is important for me who can feel intimidated asking questions for fear of looking silly. I know Melissa will never make me feel that way and she only raises my confidence. With that knowledge & a kind personality you have the perfect package in choosing Melissa to train you for success!

Tristin Aquila Tris Tans

Before I even considered this journey, I stumbled upon a woman’s Instagram page. What caught my eye was not only how beautiful her spray tans were, but how natural they looked. Eventually I messaged her to ask what brand she used and she told me Perfect Glow. I checked out the website and I knew instantly I’d want to start my own business using this brand. Throughout the whole process Melissa & Susan have been wonderful. From the quick responses to answering any and every question I’ve had. It wasn’t just a business transaction – they’ve been there every step of the way. I’m really glad I took the online class. I learned a lot and it’s been a huge help with getting my business started.

Jennifer G

I am currently in the process of starting my own spray tan business in Norcal and I purchased Melissa’s eBook right away and found it extremely informative. It has taught me so much as I go through the beginning stages of launching my business( lots of do’s and don’ts, and suggestions for marketing, from creating your logo to who to market to and how) . Both Melissa and Susan have been awesome! They are always quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. I just finished the advanced online course, and let me tell you – if you want to set yourself apart from the Sunless Tanning companies – going through Perfect Glow is the way to do it ! Understanding different skin types, and what that means with being able to use different DHA % depending on the client is HUGE. I am excited to purchase my starter kit through Perfect Glow ( including equipment )! I was so impressed with Melissa and her business sense, her knowledge surpasses all….and I have done a lot of research! I feel like I will gain so much knowledge and will be able to build my business doing it the right way ..I am going to fly myself out to Florida to work hands on with both Susan and Melissa. Definitely worth the investment ! Thank you Melissa, Susan AND Perfect Glow!!!

Andrea Arriaga Borges

I love ALL things Perfect Glow – the product, the people, and the education. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the first Business Building Workshop in Orlando put on by Melissa and the Perfect Glow team. I am not yet an established spray tan artist (working on my research/education/skills) – I am however a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician who has been involved with many professional beauty companies as well as many training courses over the past 10 years. My love is for skin care and makeup. I found Melissa online and have been using Perfect Glow product for many months now. The product itself was where I first discovered my love for this company – it is TRULY high quality. All of the self tanners and aftercare are beautiful colors, beautiful consistencies and application, and either odorless or, like in the case of the body lotion, DELICIOUS smelling. When I saw that Melissa was offering a training course for business building, I immediately enrolled. The workshop was amazing, and I met so many amazing friends and contacts at the event. I have truly never met a group of people in the beauty industry who are more willing to help one another and share in each other’s successes and talents. Melissa and her entire team is so kind and so knowledgeable. They give real education, real tips, and so many useful bits of knowledge that are equally as beneficial to someone brand new like me AND to the seasoned spray tan artist who needs help on building business and clientele. I truly feel no need to search for another company for further training – I will absolutely be sticking with perfect glow as I navigate my way through my own spray tan journey. Thank you so much to Melissa, Susan, Rachel, Fabiola, and Michelle for putting together such an amazing training course! Looking forward to working with you all and seeing you at future sessions!


Melissa, I’m really glad I took your hands-on spray tanning course. It was AMAZING and I felt that I learned more than enough to confidently start my own spray tanning business. I was so impressed with your tanning solutions and how smoothly & evenly they applied to the skin. Your products are the best I’ve seen on the market. Thank you so much for taking the extra time to answer all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend your hands-on training, products, and solutions to anyone who is wanting to start a successful career in the spray tanning business.

Wendy Linzalone

Hi Melissa! I wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU so much for creating an amazing training program! I’ve taken a few spray tan training courses (both online as well as hands-on) before discovering yours. I have to say, yours was my favourite. It was informative, easy to navigate, and so helpful when you explained all the scenarios that may or may not occur during a session. It was like Troubleshooting 101. Loved it. You were also so helpful and encouraging when explaining ways to help with my business and marketing. I’m so glad you take the time to share your hard-earned wealth of knowledge with other new up-and-comers in this business. We should all strive to be like you. Thank you Sensei !! By the way, your products are also amazing. And the packaging? Perfect. I hope to carry your complete line.They are perfect for my clientele. Thanks again.

Tatiana Tucker

I took the Perfect Glow Sunless hands-on, private training with Melissa. I had previously taken an online course through a different company and already had a little knowledge of spray tanning, but it lacked the hands-on training that I needed. Melissa tailored a training course specific to my needs and what I needed additional help with. The other company that I took a course through didn’t include even half of the knowledge that Melissa provided. I was so thankful and happy that I made the decision to take her course. She is extremely kind, helpful, and she continues to be today. I recommend her programs whole-heartedly and encourage anyone on the fence to jump off and take a step in her direction!

Amanda K

Melissa really is a marketing genius! I worked with her on some business consulting issues for my graphic design business and was so impressed. For so long, although my work was superb and stands on its’ own, I battled with self-doubt and comparison syndrome. I had no idea how to price my services or how to properly market my business in an authentic and non-sleazy way. Within minutes, Melissa was able to paint the big picture for me, analyzed my business market and my top competitors . She gave me great ideas that I can now implement so that my business can grow. She helped also, change my mindset and overnight (not kidding) new opportunities were presented to me. She really thinks outside of the box and it was beyond helpful to get another viewpoint on my business. When you are a business owner it is so common to think about your branding and business plan as the owner but she make me see what would be most helpful from a potential “customer viewpoint” for my marketing strategy. If you get a chance to work with Melissa, totally take it! She is one in a million.


The training I had with Susan Brand and Perfect Glow Sunless was excellent! I love Susan. She was very thorough with all the information she provided me and made me very comfortable during the hands on training. She definitely has a wealth of knowledge, experience and is a professional at what she does. I would highly recommend anyone that wants to get into the business to Susan & Perfect Glow Sunless in a heartbeat. Thank you so much Susan for helping me start my journey to success.

Noy Manikhong Orlando Glow

I recently completed the hands training class in New York and was extremely impressed. Susan did an excellent job with her instruction. I’m very excited to get started!


Thank you so much for the fantastic, hands-on training for air brush spray tan. It was a pleasure meeting you in person, as well as your trainer, Susan, and your models. As you know, I researched numerous companies before selecting Perfect Glow Sunless for my training and foray into my own air brush spray tanning venture. Without a doubt, I made the best choice in going with your company. Although the training lasted only a few hours, I left feeling confident, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the new service we will be providing our clients at Serenity Salon, by Zaj. I was so impressed with the wealth of knowledge in the training materials, as well as the comfort in knowing you and Susan will be available to answer my future questions as I strive to provide the best possible spray tan service. Additionally, I find great peace of mind knowing that you, personally, developed the wide variety of your tanning products with chemists and industry professionals to ensure a health-forward approach to tanning. I especially value the high percentage of natural ingredients in your products. I would recommend Perfect Glow Sunless training and products to anyone striving to provide the highest quality air brush spray tanning experience for their clients. I’m certain I made the best choice!

Joseph Wright

Everything was great! I was very pleased with what I learned. Especially the hands on training and solution help. Rachel made me feel welcomed and very comfortable. I’m very pleased with Perfect Glow Academy and solution.


There are not enough kind words to describe how grateful I am for Melissa and Perfect Glow. She has helped me take my business to the next level with her solutions, training and endless support. Now she’s done it again with her website design services. I am absolutely thrilled with the final site she created and the entire process was seamless. I didn’t have a website for a long time because I dreaded the work and demands that would be involved. When Melissa announced her services I knew it would be perfect. Melissa’s copy is clear and concise, the imagery is exactly what I described and the flow of the entire site is intuitive. The feedback I’m getting from my existing and new clients in incredible. Thank you Melissa!

Kelly Lawrence

I did my first tan on a client using the method in your training. I was originally certified through a different company,. But today I literally have never felt more confident in my spray tan application, So thank you so much! It helped click with me. I always struggled with arms and the side of body but your method clicked and was easy to flow. The pictures also helped immensely and helped it stick in my mind. I used the Dark Chocolate Rapid on her and hot damn she looked so great!