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Are you unsure of where to start and get confused with so much information out there?

Spray tanning is more than just learning how to use a spray gun. You must know skin typing, color bases  and what your customers need to do so you don’t turn your customers orange.

Have you been searching for a company to give you the detailed training you deserve at a affordable price?

What if you could...

Learn the art of spray tanning in 1 day

Learn from a top sunless company with highly educated instructors

See an in person spray tan & contour demo from a personal instructor

Learn valuable marketing tools to get more clients

Gain the confidence you need for your spray tan business

Here's what you'll get

Some of the topics that you will learn are:

The history & science about DHA (the active ingredient) and different % levels. You need to know how to spray with more than one level

The importance of waivers & consent form

Licensing information and a list of supplies and equipment that you will need to start up with

FDA recommendations

Pre tan and post tan care informatio

Skin typing guidance

Basic contouring and other application tips to wow your customers! Contouring is a great add on service to your spray tan services and can generate extra revenue 

Step-by-step tutorial on how to perform a full body airbrush tan with the Perfect Glow Sunless ™ proven application method 

Examples of client complaints (VERY crucial

Certificate of completion showing that you are a trained Perfect Glow Sunless spray tan artist

FREE sample of Perfect Glow Sunless spray tan solutio

FREE VIP membership into my private Facebook group for unlimited support

Discounted starter kits and more! 

Great Training & Brand! I am so impressed with Melissa and her team after attending the training! Ever since adding Perfect Glow to my arsenal, business has tripled. Melissa and her team are always available and helpful any time you need them. I loved the fact that Melissa is so approachable and involved every step of the way with her business. I love supporting another woman not backed by a huge corporation with politics and agendas.

As a veteran spray tan artist I have done many introductory training classes. As I have grown in this industry I transitioned from a spray tan artist to a spray tan salon owner with employees. Melissa taught us things which I feel have been overlooked in previous classes I attended.  I walked away with the confidence I needed to run a business vs just being a spray tan artist. Thank you so much Melissa for all that you have done for us, your support means the world to me.

| Endless Glow by Lola

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another happy student

I just have to say after spending a weekend at the Perfect Glow Academy watching, listening and participating with Melissa and supporting cast, it was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had! I’ve been to other so called spray tanning classes and Perfect Glow blows all the other competition away! The other place just wanted to get your money, hand you your certificate, spent literally five minutes with you spraying one individual, then you were on your own! Perfect Glow Academy spent TIME explaining everything about the spray tan business following hands on experience, definitely preparing you for your new career! Whether you are a seasoned spray tan artist or just starting out, I highly recommend the Perfect Glow Academy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you offer the training?
We have training locations in Florida, Louisiana, Kentucky & Maryland. We are also traveling to host group training in Vegas, Dallas, Atlanta, St Louis and MORE. Here is more information on those trainings

Is spray tanning expensive to start?
Not at all. If anything, it is one of the most inexpensive beauty businesses to start up, as most states do not require a cosmetology license. Even though we offer spray tan solution and products you are not required to purchase it to take the course. Start up price will vary depending on your specific needs but for a basic start up for a machine and supplies you are looking at anywhere from $210-$1000. There are more expensive equipment options and ventilation systems available but this is for most peoples basic needs when first starting out.

How much money can I make spray Tanning?        

This is going to be based on various factors depending on region and how many clients you get a week. Also if you do it part time vs full time.  Spray tanning sessions range from $35 to even $85 or more depending on your geographical area. I recommend you look at the competition in your area to get an idea of what the going session rate is.  A session takes an average of 20 minutes in a salon so successful spray tanners have the opportunity to be able to spray up to over 20 clients in a day! ( Chart below is an estimate and not guaranteed)

Will I be state certified?
No. This certification is just to provide you with sunless and industry knowledge . You will not receive a business license  Please note that This certification is just through Perfect Glow Sunless which is a private company. We are not accredited through or with any state, federal , government or health accredited agency. You are responsible for finding out your states requirements as to what they require for you to start up your spray tan business. It is 100% your responsibility to contact your local government before starting your business to make sure that you follow your particular state and county laws to make sure that you are in compliance. Perfect Glow Sunless Inc is not responsible for any damages and can not advise you on your state requirements. We are not part of any cosmetology program or state or government accredited agency. Our courses are based on the personal knowledge of Melissa Weinberg and her instructors.

If I am more experienced can you customize something for me?
Absolutely. I train and mentor professionals that have all different skill levels. My business consulting program might be a perfect fit for you as well. Please contact me directly to discuss your needs and I can tailor a package accordingly.

Is this a franchise or will I be working for Perfect Glow?
We do not offer franchises so you would just be getting training from Perfect Glow Sunless and would not be a part of our company in any way. You are responsible for your own business and getting proper licensing to operate a business in your state.

“AMAZING !!! I have taken 2 other spray tanning courses. One online and another one hands on. Let me tell you they did not compare to Melissa’s Perfect Glow Training course. I addressed my concerns with her and let her know I really wanted to focus on the hands on part more then the book part. She was able to help me figure out what I had currently been doing wrong which was i wasn’t moving my gun fast enough. I just did my first spray tan party since my training and I felt so so confident. I had her in the back of my mind the whole time. Thanks again Melissa !!!!! Ps I watch every snap, Insta and Facebook post you make!!! Keep them coming.”

Ashley | Canada

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