Spray tanning is certainly a fun & rewarding career either full time or part time. But just like any other business you need to get proper training to ensure your success. There are several reasons why it’s important to get the proper certification through a trusted, top rated and licensed professional. When choosing a spray tan training class we also want you to be confident on your decision. So before you invest in a training course we always encourage you to do your research, check out the instructor (Even do a google search) and choose a training academy & instructor with a proven portfolio.

Looking For The Cheapest Class?

If you are just price shopping to find the cheapest class out there just to stick a certificate on your wall then we are NOT for you. BUT if you want to learn the best practices and invest in your education then you are in the right place! Many of our past students have taken those “cheaper courses” from other companies (and even more expensive ones) then signed up with us when they didn’t learn much. However, our prices are very reasonable and the quality of information & foundation that you will get is worth more than what we charge!

What Do You Get With Perfect Glow Trainings?

Smaller class sizes according to your schedule to ensure you get the attention you deserve.

Online Training that you can take at your own pace.

Valuable information to help get you up and running quickly with most everything that you need!

Tools from our spray tan pros that will make you stand apart from your competition.

You get to stop spending countless hours trying to start a business on Facebook forums asking questions to other newbies.

You get to learn proper skills that will help you earn your initial investment back in the form of happy & repeat customers!

Are You Trying To Learn Off YouTube?

Do you think you can start a business by trying to learn off of YouTube and Facebook groups? Well Think again. We have seen MANY of these people wind up turning clients orange, not knowing how to use the products the right way and never being successful. With spray tanning you only have 1 shot to make a customer happy. If you turn them orange or give a bad application they can tarnish your reputation and post their bad experience on Facebook or Yelp for all to see. Don’t let that happen to you and invest in proper training with Perfect Glow Sunless.

Avoid Liability

Let’s face it. Everyone can sue you left and right these days. You can help avoid liability issues by getting trained properly. Any time you are applying a cosmetic on someone, you need to be educated on how the product works, interacts with skin conditions and other medical issues as well as FDA recommended guidelines.

When you get proper training you will learn what questions to ask your clients for the benefit of your safety and theirs.

Protect Your Reputation

Learn the right way and find out what can go wrong BEFORE you make mistakes and wind up losing clients. These days, people are more likely to complain about a bad experience then a good one. Just think about how many Facebook posts you see about less-than-perfect experiences? Referrals are the key component to keep a business thriving and successful. You must make sure you know what you are doing before you start charging your clients.

You Are Your Best Investment

You owe it to your financial success to invest in yourself! Would you want to go to a hairstylist or nail technician that just learned off of Google or wasn’t trained by a professional? I donot think so & airbrush tanning should not be any different. Build and more importantly, keep your clientele by giving them the perfect airbrush tan experience. Stand out from your competition who might just be winging it. A very minimal investment will earn you more revenue in the long run from satisfied clients.

Learn How To Use Products The Right Way

Many classes don’t even go through spray technique, DHA levels or explain the different types of products on the market. Perfect Glow Sunless gives you information on these things to help you as we know learning all of this can be overwhelming.