Why Work Together?

Even with hard work and best intentions many times it is can be hard for spray tan artists to get to that next level on their own. I was in your shoes and started as a part time mobile spray tan artist & built a worldwide brand from scratch.  BUT I had to figure out everything on my own from social media to dealing with all types of clients and it was NOT easy.

It took me MANY years and thousands of dollars to figure out the best strategies for my social media, marketing, customer retention, building a website that works (and is appealing) and getting my name out there.

I am a mentor for spray tan artists worldwide and would love to work with you next. My business journey has been featured in the media and spray tanning is my passion in life. I have been a guest speaker at Sunless tanning events, have hosted workshops and training classes that have helped hundreds of spray tanners. Are you ready to learn my secrets and tips to help in your OWN business?


Media Coverage 

What Will You Get?

Are you lacking in confidence? – Never let the client see you sweat or know that you are unsure of your skills! We will work on building up your confidence so you can bring your A game to the table.

Tried and true marketing tips to help you build up your clientele. Bringing new business through the door is crucial for long term success.

Is social media a burden or hard for you to figure out? A strong social media presence is a MUST these days for success. I will work with you to create a social media strategy for YOUR brand to get the visual presence that you need and to stand out compared to your competition.

Branding is crucial . Your “look” can totally make or break how your potential clients view your brand and can effect your bookings. Is yours up to date? With my consulting program I will perform a full review of your logo, branding and website design and will provide tips on how you can improve these important features.

Are you tired of problem clients or no shows?- But yet feel guilty or having problems setting boundaries with them? – We will nip this in the bud and get you in control of your problem clients.

A full review of your pricing and cancellation policy. Are you charging what you feel you are worth?

AND MUCH MORE. I will create a program based on your specific needs to help you increase your revenue. Lets work 1 on 1 together and let me help YOU build your business to a higher level.

(Pricing is quoted after your FREE phone consultation)

There are not enough kind words to describe how grateful I am for Melissa and Perfect Glow. She has helped me take my business to the next level with her solutions, training and endless support. The feedback I’m getting from my existing and new clients in incredible. Thank you Melissa!


If you are looking to gain hands on experience and start your own business, look no further. When I started my business I took a training and business course from another well-known company and really got the short end of the stick. I wasted nearly one thousand dollars on the course and crappy equipment. I went to Melissa for business coaching to gain insight into why my business wasn’t taking off. She spent HOURS with me combing through my entire business with a fine tooth comb. I also went to her for hands on training and wow! what a difference from my first “training.” Since working with Melissa, my business has picked up and I am getting more return customers. Melissa cares about you, your business, and your success. She IS the spray tanning guru. Seriously, don’t look any further, just contact her now. SHE IS AWESOME!


Melissa, I just want to personally and professionally give you shout out for all you do “and then some”. I’ve been a loyal customer for years and will be with you to the end. You were the ONLY one that would help me when I first started my business. No other spray tan company would offer experience and wisdom. Because of you, I got started on building my dream. Fast forward 4 years….I’ve been able to share your dream ….. the BEST solutions to the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders, Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders (and Super Bowl), several college dance teams, thousands of private clients, 3 new locations and our new Miss America contestant, Miss Virginia , and more on the way!!

Thank you for being more than a distributor….you are a top notch business mentor as well as a great coach (sharing marketing material and knowledge).

You are the BEST for supporting my dream and sticking with my company for the past several years and a lot more to come!!

Michelle Walters

CEO, Island Glow


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