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Why choose Perfect Glow Sunless?

 I have a proven portfolio and a thriving successful business with years of experience. I am not just someone who recently learned how to spray. I also will not disappear after your training like some of of the cheaper certification programs who just want to make a quick buck. I have perfected my skill and as a business woman have successfully created 2 brands of top rated sunless products! I  have mentored many spray tanners all over the world to help them succeed.

I earn consistent 5 star reviews from clients and have sprayed thousands of clients for all occasions including calendar shoots, red carpet events, and professional cheerleaders. I can provide you with excellent training no matter where your business is located and you are not required to purchase equipment or products from me (unlike other courses)

Is a spray tanning business expensive to start?

Not at all. If anything it is one of the most inexpensive businesses especially for mobile spray tanners with no rent. Even though I sell my own spray tan solution and products you are not required to purchase it to take the course. Start up price will vary depending on your specific needs but for a basic start up for a machine and supplies you are looking at anywhere from $400-$1000. There are more expensive equipment options and ventilation systems available but this is for most peoples basic needs when first starting out.

Where do you offer the hands on training?

This is currently offered in areas of South Florida (by West Palm Beach & Port Saint Lucie) Texas, Louisiana and Massachusetts and other locations throughout the year. The online course can be taken no matter where you live

Do you travel for training?

Yes! We can travel to your location. A travel fee will apply. Please contact for a quote

How much money can I make?

This is based on various factors depending on region and how many clients you get a week. Sessions range from $35 to even $85 or more depending on your geographical area. I recommend you looking at the competition in your area to get an idea of what the going session rate is. But for demonstration purposes, lets figure on the middle end what your potential earnings can be.  A session takes an average of 20 minutes in a salon so successful spray tanners have the opportunity to be able to spray up to over 20 clients in a day!

These figures are just estimates. For example you can spray  3-4 clients in per hour. ( Once you get experienced you can spray more. I can tan up to  6-7 alone per hour) That’s approximately $200 per hour! Then factor in tips and profit on aftercare.  Tanning parties even add more income to the pot and you can eventually earn up to hundreds of dollars a day ! That’s more per hour than most people make in a day!

(*Disclaimer* Financial success is not guaranteed . Taking the training or certification course will just help provide you with the basic skills that you need to start your business . Just like anything else in life your success is solely dependent on how much effort and work that you put into building your business.)

Do you sell equipment or start up packages?

Yes we do. It does not have to be expensive to start a sunless tanning business!  I offer different options and packages to help you start your business. Equipment recommendations can be provided via consultation to get an idea of your specific business needs.

Here is a link to the equipment that we offer. http://shop.yourperfectglow.com/EquipmentKits_c_16.html

Do you help me get business?

I do not offer any employment leads. The online training and hands on certification is only for skill and technique training. There are additional packages for marketing training however those are for tips and suggestions and do not guarantee any business or income.  I do have a salon locator for users of Perfect Glow Sunless if they wish to be added to my website.

How long is the online course?

This is a module that you can do at home. It is not timed so you can complete it at your own pace.

Do you or the course provide legal advice?

Absolutely not. I am a spray tanner, not a lawyer. Any materials are just suggestions and is not to be substituted or construed for legal or medical advice. If you have any legal, accounting or medical questions it is highly suggested that you consult with a professional in that field.

Do you offer multi person discounts?

Prices displayed are per person. If you have 4 or more employees looking to get trained please contact me for a quote (hands on only)

Once I get certified can I start charging customers?

That is up to you. I highly recommend through that you practice on many people before you start charging for tans. You want to make sure you know fully what you are doing and you are practicing my technique that I am teaching you. Practice makes perfect.

Do you require a deposit?

No there is no deposit required as all classes must be paid in full, we do not accept payment plans.

Will I be state certified?

No. This certification is just to provide you with sunless and industry knowledge . You will not receive a business license  Please note that This certification is just through Perfect Glow Sunless which is a private company. We are not accredited through or with any state, federal , government or health accredited agency. You are responsible for finding out your states requirements as to what they require for you to start up your spray tan business. It is 100% your responsibility to contact your local government before starting your business to make sure that you follow your particular state and county laws to make sure that you are in compliance. Perfect Glow Sunless Inc is not responsible for any damages and can not advise you on your state requirements. We are not part of any cosmetology program or state or government accredited agency. Our courses are based on the personal knowledge of Melissa Weinberg and her instructors.

What if I am more experienced, can you customize something for me?

Absolutely. I train and mentor professionals that have all different skill levels. My business consulting program might be a perfect fit for you as well. Please contact me directly to discuss your needs and I can tailor a package accordingly.

Can you train me on my equipment?

Yes we can! This is available for hands on training only. We encourage you to bring your machine if possible so we can help you get the perfect gun setting.

What do I need to bring?

You can bring your equipment if you choose but not required. If you come to us wee provide you with everything you need for the training session. We will have a machine for you to use, we provide the solution and the models, You will be provided with a manual as well that you will keep and be able to take notes in.

If we travel to your location we can bring our machine if necessary. You would be required to provide at least 3 models to spray if possible.

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