Why Choose Our Spray Tan Training?

Why choose the Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy?

So if you are reading this, I want to start by saying congrats for looking to start a spray tan business or improve your existing spray tan skills. Chances are that you have checked out a few other training programs, and I know everyone is saying they are the best and you might even be a little confused on who to choose. I want to start out by saying that I understand that you work hard for your money and training is an investment that you should not take lightly and encourage you to do your research.

I can insert crafty marketing pitches to make you want to sigh up today, but that is not how I operate. If you choose my academy I want it to be because you did your research and are comfortable with investing in me and what I have to offer you.

We offer various options depending on your needs.

A comprehensive online training that you can take at your own pace no matter where you live https://spray-tan-academy.teachable.com/p/advanced-online-spray-tan-course

We offer you group classes or private 1 on 1 sessions in various states in the US

Once you complete training you can also be part of our online VIP Facebook community. Here you will join other successful spray tan pros to help support you.

So lets start talking about some facts in the spray tan industry

Do your research! There are many spray tan training companies popping up. Many of them only have a few years experience (Some even just 1 or 2) and they decide to start a training program to make money. Their website may look good but the reality is that they really do not have much experience spray tanning customers.

I believe that to be a good teacher you must have years of experience learning the actual craft that you teach.

I have been spray tanning since 2009 so I can legitimately offer you what I learned from my years of experience, trial and error (yes I have made mistakes and will share them with you. I would be lying if I said I didn’t! ) I also have a corporate training background. Combined my hand picked instructors bring over 20 years in the tanning industry and have thriving income producing spray tan businesses themselves.

Between myself and my instructors we have thousands of spray tans under our belt, and most importantly can guide you on problems that will come up! Having a successful spray tan business is not just about learning technique! Myself and my team have experienced years of various client scenarios that we can train you on(some pretty crazy)and have formulated a strong business strategy.

I turned a part time mobile spray tan company into the fastest growing worldwide sunless beauty brand!

I made something out of nothing and started exactly where you are now. I even worked a full time job and started tanning customers on nights and weekends. I know what it takes to succeed. I’ve also had media coverage on my entrepreneurial journey and recently mentioned as one of Palm Beach most inspiring stories https://perfectglowsunless.com/bestspraytanblog/

Anyone can make claims but I always say Google doesn’t lie. Do a search of the company or person you are considering and really see if their claims are true. See if they are successful and the reviews that they have earned. Look past the motivational quotes and focus on actual experience. Then decide if they are the best fit for you.

“I cannot begin to express how much more confident I am after going to the Perfect Glow training with Melissa. From the moment I met her she was so welcoming and down to earth. The entire training session was informative and I learned so much. I went home more excited then ever to give my clients the best spray tans and my confidence shows. No question I had was dumb to Melissa. She took the time to listen carefully to us and explain things step by step. I wish I could go to training’s with her EVERY month. Melissa is a one of a kind, truly genuine business owner and it shows through in all she does. I am so thankful for all the knowledge I gained in Dallas and can’t wait to keep taking my business one step ahead in this industry.”

~ Erin Bender, Glam Glow

Do you want to learn how to contour?

Contouring is a great add on service to your spray tan services and can generate extra revenue for you as well. At Perfect Glow Sunless we believe that learning how to contour should not have to be complicated or feel like you are taking a science class. We will show you basic contour skills as a FREE bonus!

I would love to chat with you on how I can help you with your business. for more information about our course offerings please contact me at Info@perfectglowsunless.com or 561-801-GLOW (4569)

Melissa Weinberg is the founder of Perfect Glow Sunless™ a luxury brand of top rated Spray tan solutions and Sunless products. She is also a top spray tan educator in the beauty industry. Her Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy™ offers various online and hands on spray tan training courses and spray tan consulting. Her entrepreneurial journey has been featured in Money Magazine, The Huffington Post and other media publications. For more information on her products and the Spray Tan academy please visit Perfectglowsunless.com